2015 Christmas Gift Guide

Need help finding the best Christmas gift ideas for kids aged 2-13? You’ve got it. There are over 180 Christmas gifts for boys and girls in this here guide.

Everything you see here has been handpicked by yours truly, with assistance from my special little helpers.

So go ahead. Pick one. Or two. Meh, pick them all.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Gift Guide for 2 Year Olds: 14 gift ideas from animal puzzles, wooden building blocks, something to cuddle and more.

Gift Guide for 3 Year Olds: 14 cool toys and games for curious and creative toddlers.

Gift Guide for 4 Year Olds: 15 fun toys and games that spark the imagination and creativity.

Gift Guide for 5 Year Olds: 17 sweet ideas from toys that inspire, arts and crafts, fun games and more.

Gift Guide for 6 Year Olds: 16 fab ideas from musical presents to ideas for kids who like to explore and tinker and more.

Gift Guide for 7 Year Olds: 16 fun gift ideas from toys, things for the bedroom and more.

Gift Guide for 8 Year Olds: 15 fun ideas from a neat ride-on to gifts that stretch the mind and more.

Gift Guide for 9 Year Olds: 13 great ideas from toys, puzzles, fun stuff to make and more.

Gift Guide for 10 Year Olds: 14 top gift ideas from video gaming, creative things to make, a sweet ride and more.

Gift Guide for 11 Year Olds: 18 top gift ideas from cool gadgets, games, fun books and more.

Gift Guide for 12 Year Olds: 11 top gift ideas from gadget toys, something for the backyard, books, a sweet ride and more.

Gift Guide for 13 Year Olds: 21 teen Christmas presents including things to make, stuff for the bedroom, outdoorsy gifts and more.

About the author 

Mena Joseph

Editor, publisher, big kid, auntie to several munchkins and finder of cool stuff for little people. Her first ever 'job' was working in a children's toy store after school. She's been hooked on all things child related ever since. Mena volunteers at a local school, holds two degrees in psychology and has an interest in child development.

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