I want to help you find awesome stuff that kids love.

Hi, my name’s Mena. I’m the editor/publisher of this here website and an aunt to several little munchkins.

Are You a Cool Aunt?

I guess you’ve arrived here because you’re just like me. You’re a non-mom. An auntie, a godmother, a dear friend who dearly adores the kiddos in your life.

You enjoy doing fun stuff with them. And you love spoiling them with occasional treats and gifts you find online. Yet why is it, that every kids’ site you come across assumes that you’re a mom?

They speak at you like you’re a mom and make recommendations to you as though you were a mom. But you just don’t relate to all that jazz. Isn’t there a place that appreciates that not all women who buy gifts for kids are part of the motherhood club?

Well hello, you’re looking at it.

This is the spot for those of us who want to be acknowledged for being doting non-moms. But that doesn’t mean that mom’s aren’t welcome. Moms are non-moms to other people’s kids too. Let’s not get that twisted.

So while you won’t find parenting tips or stories relating to goo, poop and sick, you will find a collection of carefully curated gift ideas, toys and fun activities to do with your nephews and nieces when they come to stay.

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Random Stuff About Me

  • Hmm, now let me see… I love kids. Well duh!
  • I’m a sucker for volunteering – kids playschemes, mentoring programs, after school clubs, reading clubs. You name it.
  • My very first ‘Saturday job’ as a teen was working in a toy store (I was 13, maybe 14 years old when I started)
  • Studied child development at school and have a BSc and MSc in Psychology
  • I write in a quasi-American accent, but I assure you I’m a Brit chick living in the UK
  • Even though I’m grown, I STILL love hamsters (my first one was called hammy… sooo original)
  • Bit of a web geek; taught myself how to build websites, how to code (a little) and other whiz bangy things that will most probably bore the pants off you
  • Not all geek though, I’m an ex-party girl, fitness addict and keen dancer (attended dance classes and everything 🙂 ) who still loves to dance like no one’s watching
  • Oh, and I also sing in a choir. Don’t laugh. It’s a pretty cool choir – we sing anything from Broadway show tunes to Bob Marley. Yeah, cool right? Ha!

Mena, xo