Do You Have a Great Product for Kids? Let’s Get it Featured

As the editor/publisher of Kids Love This Stuff (KiLTS), I get to connect with some awesome brands and creators to showcase their products. How fly is that?

From toys, to clothes, to shoes, to accessories. If it’s original, suitable for 0-13 year olds, looks great and works great, I’d love to introduce it (and you) to my growing posse of cool aunts.

If your product is a handcrafted item, then I’m especially keen to hear from you.

Who you might be:

  • Mom, Pop or Auntie Owned Store
  • Independent Kids Brand
  • Boutique Toy Designer
  • Crafter/DIYer

Here’s what I’ll need:

  • High resolution images of the product (minimum width of 800px)
  • Something about the creator (I love a good story)
  • Well written product description (details, details and more details)
  • Link to where the product can be found online

If you’d like to send a sample for review purposes, I’m open to that. Just shoot me an email and I’ll furnish you with a mailing address (note that I’m UK based). Also note, samples are non-returnable.

Acceptance of a sample does not automatically guarantee a feature or review. If I don’t feel your product is right for KiLTS, I won’t write about it, so please bear that in mind before sending me stuff.

Ready to submit a product? Contact me here.

Know of someone who makes cool stuff for kids? Send them my way.

Mena, X