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Mittyz thumbless gloves - boys walking in snow with mitts on

It’s great fun planning an outdoor trip with the kiddos on a snow ridden wintery day. But when it comes to getting the young’uns to wrap up warm, it can be an exasperating experience.

At least with my lot, that is. They hear the words ‘play outside’ and ‘snow’ and that’s it. Hyperactivity rules over common sense and they just want to get out. As quickly as possible. They haven’t got time for you to button them into a snug winter coat. Not when there’s snowmen to build and snowballs to throw. Given half the chance, they’d run out and play in their PJs. You know, forget that it might be minus 10 outside.

And when you’re done battling with the coat, you’ve got the next challenge to tackle. Protecting their delicate digits from the harsh extremities. Thing is, excited toddlers don’t really ‘do’ sitting still and trying to pull a tiny pair of gloves over wriggly fingers, well, that can be hard work too.

Mittyz Thumbless Gloves for Kids

Mittyz thumbless gloves - boys

A couple of keen outdoor adventurers felt that pain every time they wanted to get their toddler twins ready for an outdoor trip. In fact, the duo got so frustrated with not finding gloves that were quick and easy for the twins to wear, they decided to make their own.

The pair knew the gloves had to address the nightmare finger hole issue. They also knew the gloves had to look cute and appeal to the playfulness of toddlers, while being practical and warm. And so Veyo Kids was launched and Mittyz were born – fun, thumbless, easy to wear gloves that their kiddos actually couldn’t wait to put on.

Mittyz thumbless gloves - girls

The gloves have a super soft fleecy lining, which keeps tiny digits nice and toasty. The outside is thoughtfully made with a water resistant fabric which locks out cold wind and wet ice.

As you’d expect, these mitts are a lot easier to get on and off than regular ‘ole gloves. For a start there’s no fighting to squeeze the tiny digits of your lively tot into awkward glove spaces. You don’t even have to deal with the thumb hole anymore.

And because their are no finger holes to be concerned with, when it comes to washing these mitts, it’s a breeze. You flip them inside out and stick them into the washing machine. Goodbye nasty little crevices that always seem to hold onto fluff and who knows what else.

The mitts stay on by magic. OK. Not really.

The adjustable elasticated strap secures the glove to the wrist, while the plastic buckle keeps the glove in place.

One thing about regular gloves in general, that’s always been a bother, is that while they fully cover your littles one hands, they’re wrists still remain exposed to the elements. That’s a concern that has been address with Mittyz, as they’re designed theses to fit either over or under any type of coat sleeve, no matter how big or bulky the sleeve is.

Mittyz thumbless gloves - boy in sleigh

Aside from the practicalities of these new breed of mitts, the designs in the Mittyz collection are out there adorable. Grow ups will swoon, but most importantly boys and girls up to the age of 5 will want to wear them. Regardless of whether or not it’s to frolic on snow covered hilly areas.

So far there are five fun designs in the collection:

Mittyz thumbless gloves - flipper mitts

Flipper, the playful penguin

Mittyz thumbless gloves - tiger paw mitts

Tiger Paw, a ferociously cool pair of tiger inspired mitts

Mittyz thumbless gloves - drago mitts

Drago, the cutest dragon paws you’ve ever seen

Mittyz thumbless gloves - snow princess mitts

Snow Princess, if you’re tot is a Frozen fan, these are it

Mittyz thumbless gloves - flutter mitts

and Flutter, because pretty butterfly wings just work.

Clearly, the last two were designed to appeal specifically to girls, but you know, anything goes with these mitts.

If you feel like getting your mitts (sorry, couldn’t resist) on a pair of Mittyz thumbless gloves by Veyo, they’re being sold right now on Amazon.com (not currently available in the UK).

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