December 13, 2015

original leappadThe original LeapPad Explorer comes in two colors: pink and green.

These sort of look like an iPhone for kids and the colors are only really accents around the frame of the console.

Discover how much the LeapPad 2 has evolved.

The best part about this toy is that it is supposedly ‘kid proof’ so it should withstand drops, bumps, vigorous shaking; you know the things your kids like to do, just to see if a toy will fall apart.

The LeapPad comes with a stylus, something that resembles a plastic pencil. This can be used to control the device. It also has a 5 inch touch screen. Just like an iPhone, the LeapPad has a video camera, still shot camera and microphone.

LeapPad Stats

Measurements:1 inch x 5 inches x 7 inches

Weight: Almost 2 Lbs

Power Source: 4 AA batteries

Screen Size: 5 inches

Memory: 2 GB

Downloads: 1.5 MB


Games and Apps

The console comes with 3 pre-programmed apps already installed and a fourth one that can be download for free.

The game and apps library has well over 100 to choose from.

In addition to games, there are apps for videos and interactive books that also help teach your child to read. Since the device has a motion sensor, your child can move the device vertically or horizontally and the picture will rotate to match.

If you’re not interested in downloading apps, game cartridges can be used just like a traditional video game system. Do know that the cartridges are even more expensive.


You can buy some pretty cool looking skins and carrying cases for LeapPad, but to be fair, the device itself is pretty tough wearing.

where to buy leapad 2

There’s an AC adapter cord, not a charger, so your kids can use the LeapPad without batteries, saving you a few extra dollars. Do note that it’s only a power cord, not a charger, so the console will always need batteries or plugging into a wall socket in order for it to turn on.

The original LeapPad is still available at Amazon. It may not be the latest version, but you will make a small saving buying this device – not much of a saving, but a saving nonetheless.

Looking for the latest version? Check out the cool new features of the LeapPad 2.

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