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Looking for a real science kit for girls? You know, the type that will teach your niece about molecular structures and chemical reactions. Not ‘girlie’ stuff like perfume, glitter or soap-making.

A Science Kit For Girls: No perfume, glitter or bath bombs. Just real science.

Don’t get me wrong. Those sorts of pseudo science kits have their place. Some girls like that stuff. It’s fun to make bubblegum candy or a cool crystal with pretty colors or… umm… soap.

But real talk. Is that the best we’ve got for our girls?

What about the girls who want to get their hands dirty with real science? Your bright-eyed niece, for example. The one who’s curious about the way chemical elements interact. And who one day, aspires to be the next Rosalind Franklin or Jane C. Wright?

Is there a chemistry set out there that embraces the fact she’s a girl, without dumbing down the science?

Well my travels on the world wide web led me to this.

A Science Kit for Girls

Science kit for girls - The Foundation Chemistry Kit. A new way of introducing science to girls aged eight to 12. Perfect #educational #gift idea for girls.

The Foundation Chemistry Kit is the brainchild of Yellow Scope. Two scientists and moms, who wanted to create something that would ‘speak’ to the inner scientist in girls.

It’s a whole new way of introducing scientific concepts to girls aged eight to 12. Putting girls at the forefront as role models and ambassadors for science. And you guessed it. There’s not a single drop of glittery fluff in sight.

Each kit contains over 20 items. That includes all the lab supplies and equipment needed to conduct various science projects.

There’s also a manual that comes with the kit, but it’s more than just a bunch of instructions. It’s a multipurpose lab book where girls can jot down ideas and create unique experiments of their own. A great tool for developing their confidence as creators and inventors.

Science kit for girls - The Foundation Chemistry Kit. A new way of introducing science to girls aged eight to 12. Perfect #educational #gift idea for girls.

The Foundation to Chemistry Kit encourages girls to take an early interest in science and I have to say, I’m loving the concept.

This kit isn’t available for sale to the general public yet. But if you’re also loving the sound of this new science kit for girls, there’s a couple of things you can do.

Thing one. Head on over to check out the Yellow Scope Kickstarter project that’s currently underway. From there you can choose to pledge a donation to secure one of these kits for the little girl in your life.

Thing two. Be a good sport and support the development of this kit for the mainstream, by spreading the word.

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