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The Ozobot Gaming Robot: The next generation of robotic gaming tech that sets out to teach youngsters the fundamentals of programming in an interactive and fun gaming environment.
Image of Ozobot Evo by Evollve Inc.

Combine a tiny programmable bot with a highly interactive gaming piece and what do you get? The Ozobot Gaming Robot.

If you’re an aunt (or uncle) to a niece or nephew who loves gaming, coding or robotics, listen up.

This, right here, is the next generation of robotic gaming tech that sets out to teach youngsters the fundamentals of programming in an interactive and fun gaming environment.

We’re not just talking about programming exclusively in the digital sense.

Oh no. Ozobot makes it incredibly easy for kids (big and small) to connect their physical surroundings with the digital world. Think augmented reality.

Sounds pretty neat right?

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What is the Ozobot Gaming Robot?

The Ozobot gaming robot is one smart digital critter that’s built to ‘see’ and interact with color on any real world surface.

Blue, red, yellow, green and black combinations; each color is code language for the bot to perform a certain action.

Kids draw different colored squiggly lines, tracks or patterns on pieces of paper and cardboard. Ozobot responds by moving forwards, backwards, turning, speeding up, slowing down or stopping altogether.

Are you prone to letting the kiddos play with your iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab S?

The cool thing about Ozobot is that it works great with your digital devices too. Everything Ozobot can on paper, Ozobot can do on your tablet (or smartphone). And then some.

In addition to the pre-programmed code cards that come with the bot, you can extend the fun and learning by downloading free apps from iTunes or Google Play.

You’ll get access to strategic and competitive games, mazes and creative challenges, that will stimulate the kiddos brains and encourage healthy competition, social interaction or solitary play.

One thing I will mention is that this baby will consume battery life in about 40 to 45 minutes. So be prepared for a bit of downtime whilst recharging the Ozobot.

The good thing is that you won’t need to buy any batteries. Ozobot comes with a Lithium ion battery and micro USBs so you can easily top up its power source.

With over 1000 different coding possibilities, the scope for extended gaming and experimentation is huge.

For a robot that’s only inch in size and 0.5 ounces in weight, Ozobot has a lot going on.

Check it out for yourself: Here’s Ozobot in action:

Grade school aged kids will love this. Older kids will love this.

Heck, anyone at any age who has even the remotest interest in programming and robotics, will love this!

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