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A buying guide for the Lego Dimensions Starter Packs for PS4, XboxOne, PS3 and Xbox360 consoles

Imagine a universe where Batman, Gandalf and The Simpsons join forces to save the world from the evil that lurks beneath. Homer Simpson lording it up in the Batmobile, while Scooby Doo and the gang race against time to solve a mysterious crime in Gotham City.

Welcome to the domain of Lego Dimensions. Where characters from popular entertainment brands come together in a fantasy mash up of sheer gaming adventure.

Sounds like a world of fun right? Matt Owen, a new found friend and gaming expert is here to tell you more about the new Lego Dimensions starter packs.

Lego Dimensions – What’s the Scoop?

Lego Dimensions Special Announce Video

Lego Dimensions is a brand new toy-based game created in the vein of Skylanders and Disney Infinity. While the game shares some similarities with its competing predecessors, Lego Dimensions is arguably the most unique of the pack.

For one, building physical Lego structures and marrying them with video gaming is boss, but to bring together characters from other worlds in such an imaginative way, takes the experience up another notch.

Much like other toy-based games, Lego Dimensions has a starter pack bundle that will give you everything you need to start playing. The bundle packs are also available for all major consoles, excluding the Nintendo 3DS.

A buying guide for the Lego Dimensions Starter Packs for PS4, XboxOne, PS3 and Xbox360 consoles

Inside the Lego Dimensions Starter Pack

Included in the starter pack is the video game, a toy mat to place your accessories on, the gateway piece, three figurines and a Batmobile. The three figurines in the pack are Batman, Gandalf (from the Lord of the Rings), and Wyldstyle (the heroine from The Lego Movie).

Once you open the box, you’ll notice that each of the pieces (including the Batmobile) are all made out of Lego. Much like a standard Lego set, you get a set of instructions that shows you how to build the vehicle.

But, for more creative kids, it’s totally possible to innovate, customize and create from scratch, as all the pieces will function correctly regardless of how you build them. Be warned though, Lego Dimensions comes with over 200 small pieces. It’s not a good option if you’re considering this set for small children.

In addition to this, there are several add-on packs or level packs that you can buy which will extend the gaming fun.

Video clip from the Lego Dimensions video game pack for the PS4, XboxOne, PS3 and Xbox360 consoles

Video clip from the Lego Dimensions video game pack for the PS4, XboxOne, PS3 and Xbox360 consoles

Video clip from the Lego Dimensions video game pack for the PS4, XboxOne, PS3 and Xbox360 consoles

Lego Dimensions Add-on Packs

Level packs include a new world to explore, a figurine, a vehicle and a weapon. Each of these packs follows a theme, usually based on a popular adventure movie or entertainment franchise.

There are 14 of these franchises to mix and match including Back to the Future, The Lord of the Rings, Lego Ninjago, Scooby Doo, Ghostbusters, Jurassic World, The Simpsons, Dr Who, The Lego Movie, characters from popular DC Comics, Midway Retro Gamer, Portal, Legends of Chima and The Wizard of Oz.

Lego Dimensions Starter Packs level game pack

You can also purchase team packs which include two figurines and a matching vehicle or weapon.

Finally, there are the fun packs. These are the most inexpensive packs of the bunch and include one figurine and a vehicle or weapon to match.

Who You Should Buy This For?

Lego Dimensions is rated as a family friendly game. The action and violence is cartoonish with a good dose of comic slapstick thrown in. The main issue though, is that the actual gameplay of Lego Dimensions is much more focused on puzzle solving, with sometimes quite complex solutions.

The gameplay lends itself to a more pre-teen audience and children who don’t have third to fourth grade reading comprehension might struggle with this.

Of course that depends on the individual. You’ll need to take into account your kids age, reading and problem solving skills, as well as what you deem appropriate content-wise.

OK, What About the Price?

The entertainment value and excitement factor is all there, but deciding whether or not to buy Lego Dimensions, ultimately comes down to how many bucks you’re prepared to drop.

The game is significantly more expensive than its competitors, at around $100, with the fun packs, team packs and level packs coming in at between $15-$30 a pop.

A buying guide for the new Lego Dimensions Starter Packs for PS4, XboxOne, PS3 and Xbox360 consoles

Despite the relatively high price tag, Lego Dimensions comes with stacks of gaming goodness and is a perfect fit for a Lego loving kid who is creative and likes to tinker and build.

Overall, the Lego Dimensions starter pack is a large and imaginative game, with a lot of accessories and additional pieces you can purchase to further extend the enjoyment. The game itself is a puzzle adventure that’s fun for everyone in the family.

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