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Dohdles - the game that turns scuplting clay into riddles with great hilarity

Dohdles! takes regular sculpting dough and turns it into a fast and furious game of riddles, that will have your kids falling about in fits of giggles. But not just that. It’ll push the boundaries of problem solving, imagination, creativity and strategic thinking.

Expect there to be a healthy dose of tomfoolery as the kiddos try their hardest to outwit opponents by creating questionable sculptures. And that’s the point of this game. The sculptures aren’t supposed to be artistic and perfect looking. Oh no! That would only make things far too easy for the person who has to guess what it is.

Dohdles! It’s A Crazy Fun Board Game of Riddles

Dohdles - the game that turns scuplting clay into riddles with great hilarity

At its core, Dohdles! is a three to six player board game where the first person to make it around the board, wins the game. Part of the challenge is creating something that can eventually be figured out, but is not immediately recognizable.

Dohdles - the game that turns scuplting clay into riddles with great hilarity

It’s like doodling with dough, but with an added twenty-questions element. Each player takes it in turns to roll the dice and ask yes or no questions about the sculpture you’ve created (or ask for a letter in the sculpted object’s name), in order to help them guess what it is.

‘Can you put something inside it?’ ‘Is it made from plastic?’ ‘Can I eat it?’ That sort of thing.

Points are awarded for how accurately you can guess what someone else has sculpted, as well as for how difficult or easy the sculpture was to guess.

Dohdles! What is that?! Video

Now if you’re thinking that this game sounds an awful lot like the old classic Barbarossa, you’ll be right. Both games are created by the same toy inventor, Klaus Teuber. But Dhodles! is a modern update designed to appeal to kids aged ten and up.

Kids younger than ten will love playing with the dough, but older kids will be better able to grasp the concept of the game (which is to create an object that’s guessable, but not too guessable).

That said, Dohdles! is a game that’s designed to be fun for just about any youngster. And especially great for kids who like to work with their hands, have a creative streak or are extremely analytical. So whether you’re looking for a new board game for your niece, nephew or you own child, Dohdles! may well be a good all round choice for Christmases or birthdays.

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