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Looking for something fun to make with the kids? How about this DIY toy slingshot? A jazzed up version of an old classic.
Image: Make it Love it

Do you remember playing with a slingshot as a child? I sure do. Back then my brothers and I would make our own slingshots. This would usually involve tying a couple of twigs together and using a rubber band to blast stones at tin cans. Thankfully, I’ve discovered a much more sophisticated way to make a slingshot.

It features a nice chunky handle, making it super comfortable for kids, big and small to hold. Get the kids to paint and decorate their slingshots and you’ll have a neat little summer project to keep them occupied for a while. Sound like fun? Head on over to Make it Love it where you’ll find this simple toy slingshot tutorial. The kids will love you for it!

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