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Halloween. Really, it’s just one big excuse to get dressed up in a playful costume and gorge oneself silly on irresistible treats and gooey desserts.

Everyone knows that the best Halloween desserts are the ones that resemble something creepy. Kids especially get a kick out of eating cakes or cookies that take the form of a sinister spider or ghoulish ghost. So why not put your culinary skills to the test this Halloween and try creeping out the littles with one (or more) of these tasty, yet spooky Halloween dessert recipes.

Creepy Halloween Desserts for Kids

Creepy halloween desserts for kids - monster brain halloween bark

1.  Monster Brain Bark (via Deliciously Sprinkled): Love the clever way they’ve used a walnut as a brain.

Creepy halloween desserts for kids - hot cocoa ghosts

2.  Halloween Dessert Ghosts (via Julie Blanner): Total. Chocolate. Indulgence. You might want to save this dessert until after the kids go to bed. Just saying.

Creepy halloween desserts for kids - sticky sweet rice krispie treats

3.  Chocolate Covered Rice Krispie Peeps (via The Suburban Soapbox): Googly eyes are so freakingly creepy. Except when found on sweet treats like these.

Creepy halloween desserts for kids - monster brownies

4. Monster Brownies (via Kleinworth and Co): More googly eyes and lashings of frosting.

Spooky halloween desserts for kids - halloween spider cookies

5. Halloween Spider Cookie (via Cocinando con Catman in Spanish): A very tasty morsel with a sweet surprise.

Creepy halloween desserts for kids - spider web sugar cookies

6. Creepy Crawly Sugar Cookies (via My Darling Vegan): Need a good vegan sugar cookie recipe for Halloween? Got you on this.

Creepy halloween desserts for kids - zombie halloween pudding cups

7.  Zombie Halloween Pudding Cups (via Handmade Heartland): A really simple recipe for making pudding more Halloween-y.

Creepy halloween desserts for kids - pumpkin pops

8. Pumpkin Spice Jack O Lantern Treats (via Hungry Happenings): Great facial expressions on these pumpkin treats. Yummy, creepy and cute all at the same time.

Spooky halloween desserts for kids - arachnophobia cookies

9. Arachnophobia Cookies (via Wing it Vegan): Eeek!

Creepy halloween desserts for kids - halloween ghost chocolate cake

10. Chocolate Ghost Cake (via Sewlicious Home Decor): A little bit eerie, but deliciously good cake for Halloween.

Spooky halloween desserts for kids - creepy jello cups

11. Creepy Jello Cups (via From Brazil to You): Want minimal cooking time to hatch out a creepy dessert? This is for you. With jellied brains, eyeballs and other gruesome body parts, you just know this is going to be a hit with the kids.

Eerie halloween desserts for kids - halloween pudding cups

12. Easy Pudding Cups (via Simply Happenstance): Turn chocolate cookies into something a little more fiendish. Mwahaha!

Gotta love these creepy Halloween desserts. Know of any other bewitching dessert ideas? Feel free to share them.

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