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Christmas mornings are the best when the kiddos come over to stay. And by kiddos I'm talking about my niece and nephews. The youngest one is going to be two in February, and we're on the hunt for holiday themed PJs and Christmas pants. Cute stuff that also happens to be comfy to wear.

Christmas leggings are a quick and easy way to inject some festive cheer into your little one's closet, and I've scouted the some of the sweetest offerings on Etsy. Think reindeer, and pandas and... trees.

Christmas Leggings for Toddlers and Babies

Hey there. Yes you. Come check out the cutest Christmas leggings for toddlers and babies. Think reindeer, and pandas and... trees. We'll wait.

1. Candy Stripe Christmas Leggings: Loving these candy cane pants for a couple of reasons. 1) Little baba can wear these all year round, not just at Christmas, and 2) stripy leggings totally rock any closet - especially if they remind you of sweet things. 

Hey there. Yes you. Come check out the cutest Christmas leggings for toddlers and babies. Think reindeer, and pandas and... trees. We'll wait.

2. Panda Face Christmas Leggings: Yes pandas can be Christmasy too. Throw in a few snowflakes, and an assortment of snuggly woolly hats and you've got a unique pair of toddler Christmas pants.  

Christmas leggings for toddlers - Santa harem pants

3. Vintage Santa Christmas Leggings: That retro Santa look is just popping. 

Christmas leggings for toddlers - ugly Christmas leggings

4. Kids Christmas Leggings: These knitted leggings have a tradition Christmas feel, and would look super adorable with a white sweater. 

Christmas leggings for toddlers - woodland Chrismas leggings

5. Woodland Christmas Leggings: You could so turn these pants into a fun storytelling activity. The story of the adorable woodland family, and what they get up to at Christmas. See where we're coming from?

Christmas leggings for toddlers - organic trees

6. Christmas Tree Leggings for Toddlers How many Christmas tree varieties can you see? There's potential for a fun counting or matching game here.

Christmas leggings for toddlers - harem pants

7. Organic Harem Pants: Yes, more bears. This time adorable monochrome polar bears. These stylish and comfy toddler pants can be worn throughout the winter.

Christmas leggings for toddlers - Christmas car leggings

8. Christmas Car Leggings: The perfect pants to dress your little one in while driving home for Christmas... big old tree on top of the car.

Christmas leggings for toddlers - Christmas cactus

9. Christmas Cactus Leggings for Babies: Cacti has never looked so cute, or huggable.

Christmas leggings for toddlers - red reindeer

10.Christmas Reindeer Leggings: Perfectly symmetrical, and brilliantly red complete with stripy cuffs. Gotta love these.

Did you enjoy our list of cutest Christmas leggings for toddlers and babies? What's your favorite pair?

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